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Hey y'all!

Welcome to the Blue Yonder Ranch!

I'm Stefani - wife to Eric and mama to Luke, James and Ryder.

I'm a regular mom, trying to be worthy of the task entrusted to her. I spend my days exploring with and chasing after my boys, and my nights sitting across the table from the man that I love - both of us working, creating, wondering how it is that we've been so blessed.

I'm here, in this space, because I needed a way to sit still at night, pause and reflect, when all the crazy noise of the day has distilled itself down to sleep-heavy breathing.

My life is messy and loud and there are bills that I forgot to pay, and the tires need replacing and someone fell and hit their head and another one lost his shoes, but ...




there's beauty and peace to be had, if only I take the time to seek it where it lies.

That's what I'm doing when I blog... savoring the good stuff.

We homeschool, because it works well for us.

I take lots of photos.

I dabble in too many crafty endeavors.

I read A lot.

I write A LOT.

I like to draw for my kiddos.

I've poured most of those passions into creating a monthly, downloadable book for families that want to spend some time having fun and building memories together. We call it the Book of Days.

You can find a link to it in our sidebar under "Our Book"

I read your comments, as they come in each day, and they are like whispered words of encouragement, as I'm making peanut butter sandwiches and tying shoelaces. They mean so much to me, and keep me motivated to share and savor our days.

I have intentions, every day, of responding to each and every comment, but too often, I just can't squeeze in everything that I wish I could.

Please know that if you leave me a comment it is received as a gift and treasured up in my heart.

Many blessings to you, and thank you for stopping by!